JUNE 2014

(tentative date: 2 June 2014) - Nusa Penida Festival - The event will be centered in Nusa Lembongan and will involve the entire customary villages in Nusa Penida district.

JULY 2014

TBA - Sanur Kite Festival - The festival is held every year to send a message to the Hindu Gods asking them to provide plentiful crops and harvest for the Balinese. The giant colourful kites will be flown by teams from the many villages.

 TBA - Sanur Village Festival 2014 -


1- 5 October - 11th Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) @ Ubud, Bali's artistic and cultural heartland - The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival mission is simple and yet complex:  to create a world class literary event which encourages a free and unfettered dialogue that transcends race, creed and gender to celebrate the universal appeal of story and open a window to the treasury of words and ideas. In 2014 the UWRF will honor Saraswati, the Hindu patron goddess of learning, with the theme ‘Wisdom & Knowledge’. -


12-18 October - 8th Annual Balinale International Film Festival - The festival also invites foreign filmmakers to experience Indonesia's accommodating culture and diverse locations for possible film projects and co-productions. Workshops and free seminars are an important part of the festival, a number of which offer Indonesian students and young filmmakers an opportunity to learn from established Indonesian and international professionals.-